WWE Week in Review: 9 Takeaways

This has been a very interesting week in WWE. Post Summerslam is looking pretty good and a lot has happened. The floor is open for some epic battles and WWE has started their shake up and call ups. Here are my 10 takeaways from WWE this week:

9. Jason Jordan wants competition

Jason Jordan.png

Honestly this Kurt Angle son angle really seems to be dying down. I had a completely different picture in my mind of this storyline and really thought that he would be intercontinental champion by now but nope. He did a couple of small matches and doesn’t seem to be getting over with the fans well as a baby face in his singles career but he did something great this week by going to Kurt and requesting better competition. He challenged Finn Balor on Monday night raw and this match wasn’t bad. Jordan still lost the match but his in ring ability was put to the test against Balor and he did a good job taking out his air assault and quickness by grounding him and using his world class wrestling to his advantage. I hope that they pull something crazy out with this storyline that can lead to more success on his own because I feel like a heel turn just won’t cut it. But asking for more competition and competing against Finn is the step in the right direction in some way or form.

8. Shelton Benjamin is back


Shelton is finally back home on smackdown after signing his contract. He hasn’t competed yet but it was nice to see him once again and for a guy that’s 40 he is in great shape. For everyone who doesn’t know about Shelton Benjamin I will give you a quick rundown. He was one half of the World Greatest Tag team with Charlie Haas. He a former intercontinental and US champion.  He had a lot of memorable moments especially in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match and now he is back. He is being paired with Chad Gable and they have the potential to be the second version of the world’s greatest tag team. It would be funny if Charlie Haas came back to bring that duo back to life. Anyways welcome back Shelton and I’m leaving you with this highlight of Shelton Benjamin from his first run in the WWE.

7. The Man of the Hour has arrived

Lio Rush

Lio Rush has officially been signed by WWE and the kid has a bright future ahead of him. He is only 22 years old and quickly gained popularity around the world for his high flying ability. He has wrestled in over 43 states, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Canada, and Mexico. He also won the top prospect tournament back in 2016 in ring of Honor. Rush is currently at the WWE performance center in Orlando, FL and I expect him to make a NXT debut maybe at the next Takeover (wouldn’t it be cool if he goes up against Johnny Wrestling in his first match). Honestly I hope they push him up to 205 live because they are in need of a spark and Enzo Amore is not going to cut it. Welcome to WWE and I can’t wait to see him in the ring. Check out this highlight video I found of Lio Rush so you can see what he is capable of.

6. Cena Returns to Raw

It doesn’t shock me especially since it was rumored that he was coming to Raw anyway but welcome back. Cena is the “Free Agent” of WWE and is moving around as he pleases. I don’t expect a title run so that he can surpass Ric Flair anytime soon especially since Vince has plan for Roman to take on Brock for the title at WrestleMania 34.

5. Glorious Smackdown Live Debut

YES YES YES!!!! Bobby Roode is finally on the main roster in the place where he really needs to be, Smackdown Live. Bobby Roode debuted on Smackdown this week and the crowd went nuts. He dropped the title to Drew McIntyre at takeover and Vince wanted to bring him up to the main roster where he belongs. He is here now to grace us with his presence and make Smackdown Live “GGLLLOORRIIOOUUSSS!!!” But there is a problem, they might ditch his music when he turns heel because he is too over with the fans. We might be in the last days of singing along to his Glorious theme song.

4. WWE 2k18 Glorious Entrance

Got to keep the gloriousness going. People if you are a fan of WWE 2K you already know that this man has the best entrance I have seen so far. It only makes it better with the fans singing along. Check this out and check out my post on why WWE 2k18 will be the greatest wrestling game of all time.

3. Thank you Asuka


My heart is sad that Asuka has relinquished her title and will be moving on to the Main Roster most likely. It might be a while before we see her in action, me personally I feel like she will be ready to go by Survivor Series in November. According to the breaking news Asuka broke her collarbone during her match with Ember Moon at NXT takeover and she will be out of action for at least 6-8 weeks. Asuka was the longest reigning NXT women’s champion with her reign lasting more than 500 days and also unbeaten in the WWE. Thank you Asuka for all the great matches in NXT and I know you will kick ass on the main roster whether it’s Smackdown or Raw.

2. Cena Nation vs The Roman Empire


We all anticipated this maybe over a year ago but honestly I don’t think this is a match that everyone wants to see. When Cena come back he said that he was on raw to stand face to face with a certain WWE superstar (I would have been happier if it was Joe) and here he comes. Roman Reigns is the guy he wants and the battle begins. We will mostly get the first glimpse of Vince’s dream match at WWE No Mercy next month and I’m not going to say the match is going to be bad but it will definitely have to grow on us. Seriously these are 2 stars that have been shoved down the WWE universe throat for a long time and now they get to do it together. Check out my 5 takes on the Cena vs Roman feud. We have to enjoy it either way it goes and I’m up for it. Who do you got Cena or Roman.

  1. Strowman Valley Vs Suplex City

strowman vs lesnar

Once again Brock has prevailed and is still your “REIGNING, DEFENDING, UNDISPUTED UNIVERSAL CHAMPION OF THE WORLD”. Before I start I’m well aware that Brock can actually wrestle but I do hate just watching him do suplexes and that’s it but the guy is a freak of an athlete and he has been a champion everywhere he went(except the NFL). But now he has a challenger that even Paul Heyman has to acknowledge can be the guy to slay the beast , Braun Strowman.

Braun threw Lesnar around like a ragdoll at Summerslam and even put him through 2 announce tables. Then he comes out on Raw and claims his spot as the number one contender and lays out Brock again. The Mayor of Suplex City is not stepping into dangerous Territory and might get purged by Strowman Valley. The match is set and the fans approve. If you know the rumors then you know the plans for WrestleMania 34 for we have a couple weeks to possibly see a change of heart and get a title change so we can have a champion that’s on TV every Monday. Who do you got in this fight Strowman or Lesnar?


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