Strowman Valley vs Suplex City

Suplex city is the home of the REIGNING, DEFENDING, UNDISPUTED UNIVERSAL CHAMPION….BBBROOOOCCCKKK LLLLESNAR. Brock once again defended his title successfully at Summerslam in a Fatal 4 Way and once again stays our paper champion that we see every so often. I’m sure a lot of people are happy that it’s not Roman Reigns but let’s be honest at least if he did win we would have a champion that we actually see every Monday and PPV. I’m not knocking Brock Lesnar, he is definitely a freak athlete and a champion in the WWE and the UFC but something has to give WWE we need a champ on TV every week. I don’t care how much money he generates you this is not best for business.

Brock has went through Death Valley, Viperville, brought Suplex city and suplexed Cena-nation until it was no more and escaped the Samoan Submission Machine but now he has a problem. Suplex City has come to a come street. A city where only the monster among men stays…. That’s right brock you have now come into Strowman Valley. You may be a beast but this guy is a monster. I don’t care if a lot of people disagree but Brawn Strowman is really good and puts in a lot of work in the ring. He owns Roman Reigns and has a lot of heart. I mean the guy basically walked away from being stuffed in an ambulance and crashed. Guy is strong and athletic for his size and a good matchup for Brock. Besides Samoa Joe this will be a test for Brock as I believe he won’t be able to throw him around like he does the rest. Brock will most likely get only 5 suplexes on this guy if even that.

Strowman is the guy that should take down Lesnar. Have a monster replace a Beast and become the man that can truly conquer the beast. No offense to Joe, he had everyone’s attention when he faced Brock and he owned him majority of the match but couldn’t get the victory. Strowman proved everything that we needed to know back at Summerslam. He dominated majority of the match and when it was time for Strowman and Lesnar to face off he owned Lesnar. He put Lesnar through 2 announce tables and they had to cart him off to the back. Vince looks at the crowd’s reaction when people hear the terrifying war cry in his theme music or even when he dominates one of your favorites. The fans love Braun Strowman and most have great confidence that he is the one. Vince we know how much you like big guys and hello you got one right in front of you that’s a work horse. Take this guy and make him your champion.

Braun came out on Monday night and made his place known as the #1 contender to take on Brock Lesnar leaving him laid out in the ring once again with the fans cheering their approval of him. The match is set and there will be No Mercy as these 2 juggernauts headline this PPV with a hard hitting powerful affair. Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman for the WWE Universal Championship. Suplex City vs Strowman Valley.

Now for all the spoiler fans…. We all know the deal but there is still time for a change of heart. According to the rumors the plans are still in place for Brock to be champion until WrestleMania where he will drop the title to Roman Reigns. I’m also hearing that it is in his contract that he would stay champion until WrestleMania 34. That’s kind of BS, there is a lot of talent in the WWE that has to take a seat back to Part timers and Roman Reigns which does suck. But maybe over these next couple of weeks there will be a change of heart and the WWE will decide to put over Braun Strowman and let him run with the belt. A win over Brock would be a major boost to his stock and then the fans will have a weekly champion again.  Maybe they could have Strowman be to Brock what Brock was to Taker. This unbeatable force that he can never beat. But anyways No Mercy is about a month away and all we can do is hope that Vince has a change in heart even though we know there is “No chance in hell” but let’s still hope. So who do you have Strowman Valley or Suplex City. Let’s get Strowman Valley trending on Twitter.

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