Empress of Tomorrow Moving on?


News broke out Monday that Asuka broke her collarbone in her match with Ember Moon at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 3 last weekend. At first she was expected to miss 6-8 weeks and the question of what will happen to the title and her reign still loomed but now we have an answer. News broke last night that Asuka has relinquished her NXT women’s championship. There was a snippet of it released on twitter but the full event will happen on next week’s NXT episode on the WWE network.

What’s next for Asuka?

With Asuka relinquishing the title we all assume that her next move will be to the main roster. Whether she goes to Smackdown or Raw is now a toss-up. Asuka held the title since April of 2016 and during her reign she broke Goldberg’s record for an undefeated streak. Her title reign also lasted more than 500 days. That’s an impressive thing to do. She left some memorable matches in NXT and will most likely go down as the best women’s wrestler to come out of NXT to date. Honestly both smackdown and raw are both losing momentum with their women’s divisions and adding Asuka will definitely add some momentum but who will beat Asuka? Like seriously who you think can challenger her she is just too good. Either way it goes her future is bright or her undefeated streak might continue for another year or so. I anticipate her possibly debuting at Survivor Series since that’s the next major WWE PPV that she is definitely a money maker.

What’s next for NXT women’s division?

The women’s division will still be good in NXT. Right now if they had to get an immediate champion I would say just put Ruby Riot, Ember Moon and Nikki Cross in a triple threat match and let them go at it, but that’s just one direction they can take this. If they want to go an alternative route they do have the Mae Young classic coming up next week. That will not only introduce the universe to some of the best women wrestlers in the world but Triple H will take the opportunity to stack the women’s division in NXT with some top tier talent. They could find a number one contender on the current roster and put them up against the winner of the Mae Young classic and they fight for the title, only question is are they willing to wait it out depending on how many weeks the tournament is. If it ends before the next NXT takeover they can do the title match there. Sounds like a good idea to me.

At the end of the day I thank Asuka for providing the NXT fan base with memorable moments and history making moments. I can’t wait to see her on the main roster. As for NXT they will be fine. The Mae Young classic will be the perfect opportunity to stack that division and bring on more entertaining wrestlers from the Indy scenes to wow us and besides that NXT has 3 championship worthy contenders on the roster right now that can lead the division until they figure things out.


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