5 Takes on Cena vs Reigns Feud

Monday night we saw a return to Raw by no other than John Cena the 16 time world champion. Being a fan all my life and I’m sure a lot of others can relate we already knew what was coming. John Cena vs Roman Reigns. This is Vince McMahon dream match but is it ours? Cena is here to challenge his successor and this could be a make or break moment for Cena that will leave a lot of questions. We might get our first taste of this at No Mercy next month but they have a lot of building up to do and Vince has some work to do if he wants this to be a memorable feud and it has all the chances to be. We are look at Past vs Present, the passing of the torch some will say. The last step for Roman to be Vince’s main guy for years to come. Here are my takes on the upcoming Cena vs Roman Feud


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