5 Reasons WWE 2k18 will be best wrestling game ever


Since 2015 WWE video games have been made by 2k and they are slowly improving. Last year’s edition had a lot of good qualities yet some annoying ones as well but this year….OMG 2k is going all out with their games. I mean NBA 2k looks really good but man does WWE 2k18 looks amazing from head to toe. Seth Rollins has graced us with his presence on the cover and Kurt Angle is the extra content you get for pre ordering the game. The let’s not forget the Cena-nuff edition of the game with a lot of extra content included. With everything that they have in store(I’ll get into the features later), is WWE 2k18 setting up to be the best wrestling game ever made. Here are my reasons why WWE 2k18 will be the greatest wrestling game ever.


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