Who Can Challenge Brady’s Legacy?

There is no doubt about it…..Tom Brady is the greatest QB of all time. Who can argue? The man has 5 super bowl rings and 4 super bowl MVP’s and let’s go ahead and mention it, he led the greatest comeback in super bowl history. But how many of you know that he is actually involved in a race? Analysts have been doing small talk and I have been paying attention. Everyone talks about Aaron Rodgers being the baddest QB out there besides Brady but trust me he is not it. While everyone was so focused on Peyton and Tom going at it with the stats there has been one man who has been putting up numbers for over a decade. He is the only quarter back that can stand up to Tom Brady’s legacy in my eyes. This man was drafted 32nd in the second round to the Chargers and has been on a roll in the league for a while. So who is the only quarterback that can stand to Tom’s legacy? No doubt in my mind…..Drew Bree’s.


Why Drew Bree’s?

Numbers don’t lie and Drew Bree’s has the numbers. I don’t even know where to start. So let’s start with this did you know Drew Bree’s has thrown for 5,000 yards the past 5 of 6 seasons and not forget he has been top 3 in the league all those years he thrown over 5,000 yards. A lot of comparisons have been made between Brady and Bree’s it just hasn’t gotten that much attention. Stats wise (cause we all know Brady got more rings and playoff wins) the main difference between the 2 is the interception ratio. Bree’s has thrown more interception than Brady in every season except 2006 and 2009. Bree’s has a higher completion percentage, more passing yards, and more TDs than Tom Brady plus he is 2 years younger.

I know I got a kick out of this stat when I found it. Did you know Drew Bree’s hasn’t thrown under 4,400 yards in a season since 2005? That’s a crazy stat right!!! Another thing that wows me about this man is how his team is always ranked top in offense with one of the worst defenses in the league can you just imagine what they would be like if that defense could at least be top 15. Anyways Bree’s has all the numbers he even has more career passing yards and TDs than Tom Brady but what will it take for him to officially be the GOAT? With all these numbers why isn’t he already the GOAT?

Rings over Stats


Hate to say it but you can perform all day but if you don’t have the rings it will only be talked about as what could have been kind of like we are doing now. But there is hope for Bree’s (in some way or form). Tom Brady of course is running away with everything the man is about to chase his 6th super bowl ring but I will say this in my opinion if you have the stats you only need maybe 3 rings to be in the conversation of greatest QB. Drew Bree’s is only 38 and the NFC is always shifting momentum plus the NFC south is always a wild carding you never know who is coming out on top. If Drew Bree’s gets 2-3 more championships before he retires I will honestly have to say he will surpass Tom Brady as the greatest of all time. There will be a lot of debates it will be a better argument than Brady vs Manning but these 2 are in a race and the only thing that separates them right now is rings.


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