2017 NFL Predictions


The NFL season is just around the corner and its shaping up to be a good one. We ended the season with the biggest collapse in super bowl history and teams stacking up this offseason to make a run to the ship. This season is shaping up to be one of the best and I want to give you guys my prediction on what I think will go down this season.

  • The Buccaneers will challenge the Falcons for the South
    • The Bucs finished 9-7 last season but they were about half way with their offense and defensive rankings. Turnovers were an issue last year and the defense is still young and developing. This year I feel like a lot will change. Tampa Bay had a very good offseason and added a lot of offensive weapons for Jameis to utilize. They finished with a 4-2 record in the NFC south and an impressive 6-2 record the last 8 games of the season but did not make the play off. Look out Atlanta Jamies is coming.
  • Tennessee Titans will rule the AFC south
    • No disrespect to the Colts (my favorite team) or the Texans but the Titians has been gearing up for years now to take over the South. They have a dynamic and diverse offense that can kill you with the run game and throw the ball very well and that defense is young and hungry (I love a young ruthless defense). If Mariota would have not got injured last year they definitely would have went to the playoffs. So I’m calling it now they will win more than 10 games and dominate the AFC south.
  • Big Ben will retire
    • Big Ben has played a one hell of a career and is one tough S.O.B. but his time is coming to an end. They have the high powered offense to win games but that defense is slowly developing and looking sloppy. This man has played through a lot of injuries that the average NFL player would have sat down on. I’m feeling that he is going to give it one last run then call it done. I hate to say it but they really don’t have much of a chance against the Patriots especially after the off season they had but the Steelers are fighters, I just don’t see him playing another year with all that wear and tear on his body.
  • Oakland raiders will dethrone the Patriots
    • I know this sounds crazy and I don’t bandwagon much but ever since The Raiders got Khalil Mack and Derek Carr I knew it was only a matter of time. I honestly had them beating the Patriots last year in the playoffs If Derek Carr wouldn’t have gotten injured. They have made some changes to their coaching staff and the addition of Marshawn Lynch is a plus. It is a great argument of what they defense will be like this year especially being ranked 26th in the league but I’m still standing by it this team is definitely on the rise and I think they will catch the Patriots off guard.
  • Kirk Cousin will leave Washington
    • Let’s face it, Kirk Cousins is worth the money yet the Redskins won’t pay him just yet. Plus back to back years of franchise tags. He has lost 2 receivers that put up 1,000 yards. His arsenal is being depleted. Look for him to just ride out this season still putting up 4,000 yards with no playoff run then next season most likely he is heading to the 49ers.
  • Patriots will go 16-0 and win the super bowl
    • I know everyone has projected this already with all the offseason moves that the Patriots have made this year. The addition of Brandon Cooks, Dwayne Allen and Stephen Gilmore were just some of the moves the Pats made to bolster up this team. Plus you have Gronk coming back healthy and the G.O.A.T. playing another year. They made a lot of key moves on defense and I’m sure they will dominate. If you don’t expect them to be better than the 07 team you are mistaken. They will have close games and scares but all I see in their future is 16-0 plus a super bowl and more history for Tom Brady.
  • Tom will retire
    • Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t but the fact that they are stacking this team up is telling me there is something we don’t know. Maybe the concussion stories are true but being shadowed but all I know is I have never seen the Patriots stack up in an offseason like this(as far as I remember), maybe they didn’t deal Jimmy G for a reason…..because he will be the heir to the throne. All these signings and moves only signal one thing for me, Tom Brady is gearing up for one more run and another milestone in his historic career then he is walking away for good(I’m sure Goodell will be happy).
  • I’m also predicting what the playoffs will look like and whom I think will reach the super bowl but I’m going to cheat I have 2 predictions:
    • AFC
      • Wild card: (3)Steelers def. (6) Texans, (4) Titans def. (5) Chargers
      • Divisional: (1)Patriots def. (3) Steelers, (2) Raiders def. (4) Titans
      • AFC Championship: (1)Patriots def. (2) Raiders
    • NFC
      • Wild Card: (6): Giants def. (3) Cowboys, (5) Buccaneers def. (4) Seahawks
      • Divisional:(6) Giants def. (1) Falcons, (2)Packers def. (5) Buccaneers
      • NFC Championship: (2) Packers def. (6) Giants
    • Super Bowl
      • Patriots 30- Packer 27
        • MVP: Tom Brady


    • AFC
      • Wildcard: (3) Raiders def. (6) Jaguars, (4) Titans def. (5) Chargers
      • Divisional: (3) Raiders def. (1) Patriots, (4) Titans def. (2) Steelers
      • AFC Championship: (3) Raiders def. (4) Titans
    • NFC
      • Wildcard: (6)Eagles def. (3) Cowboys, (5) Buccaneers def. (4) Seahawks)
      • Divisional: (1)Falcons def. (6) Eagles, (2) Packers def. (5) Buccaneers
      • NFC Championship: (1) Falcons def. (2) Packers
    • Super Bowl
      • Falcons 35- Raiders 28
        • MVP: Julio Jones or Vic Beasley


These are my main predictions for this upcoming season I have plenty more please comment what your predictions are and what you think of mine. Make sure you add my Facebook fan page and follow all my social media pages for updates on future blogs and just general post. Thank you guys for reading and thank you for being a F.O.E.



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