Who am I and why am I here

Hey everyone my name is Matthew Dennis. I consider myself to be exactly what my blog stats. I am a fan of everything but I sum it up as I am a F.O.E.  I’m a young kid out of high school attending school for culinary arts. Even though I love cooking sports, video games and wrestling are things I care for dearly. I love playing video games and talking about sports and wrestling amongst my peers.

Why am I blogging?

This year I told my fiancée that I would start a blog to talk about the things I liked. I can sadly say I fell off in the beginning. It took me 6 months to begin my creation and I finally did it. I started doing research on doing a blog and that’s when I found out people actually make money from blogging. So I thought to myself that maybe I should try to see if I can make a profit out of blogging about things I am passionate about. Either way I see it as a win-win whatever the outcome is.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to putting out more content for you guys to read and receive feedback on the things you want me to discuss. Have a good Friday. TheRealFOE out!!!!!


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