NBA: Top 5 teams to bandwagon over the next 5 years

Hate it or love it people bandwagon. I feel like its great entertainment for the sport, but with LeBron getting no younger and the Warriors being a super team. I feel like it was time to look into the future of the NBA and boy can I tell you it’s bright. So I want to give you my 5 teams I feel like fans should start jumping on the bandwagon for in the next 5 years.

5. Milwaukee Bucks



It’s easy to just throw out Giannis but we really have to look at they have a very good and growing young core. Now the bucks finished with an impressive season and clearly a playoff team. They are a top 20 team in scoring and rebounding, finished 8th in the league in assist and number 1 overall in the league in Opponents point per game meaning they definitely have a very good defensive team. Jabari Parker has to stay healthy and so does Middleton plus Thon Maker has to step up but 5 years is enough time and trust me a lot of development will be made. You also have to look at they have a strong core of up and coming players all 25 and under. I feel that Jason Kidd is doing a good job coaching them and the sky is the limit especially if they add one more playmaker(preferably a PG) and Giannis develops that deadly 3 point shot we are all anticipating. Look forward to them making noise in the east in the next couple of years.

·         Notable players: Giannis Antekounmpo(22), Jabari Parker(21), Rashad Vaughn(20), Thon Maker(19), Malcom Brogdon(24), Khris Middleton(25)

4.Denver Nuggets


The Nuggets finished 2 games shy of .500, 3rd in the league in scoring, 2nd in the league in assist per game and 2nd in rebounds. Ladies and gentleman jump on this bandwagon before it takes off. Denver has a great combination of veterans and young talent and leading the way is The Joker Nikola Jokic. All I can say is this guy can ball and do it all. But it’s not just him you also have Jamal Murray and Gary Harris. Emmanuel Mudiay is still struggling but when he is clicking he is a great contributor. They are going after Chris Paul in the free agency but they do need to address their defense to become a true threat in the west. They in the bottom half of the lead in Opponents points per game and Opponent field goal percentage. This problem can probably be fixed in the years to come but they are too close to being a playoff contender and lot of the young players are coming into their own so the time is now for them to make their presence known.

·         Notable players: *Nikola Jokic(21), Gary Harris(22), Jamal Murray(19), Emmanuel Mudiay(20), Wilson Chandler(29), Danilo Gallinari(28), Wil Barton(26)

3. The Process Philadelphia 76ers

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Joel Embiid showed everyone last year why you should trust the process and I agree it time. Philly is stacking up on some of the top young talent and with the addition of Markelle Fultz it times to unleash them. No more red shirting rookie talent. With Markelle Fultz, Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, and Dario Saric the 76ers are a guaranteed team you should definitely bandwagon for years to come. They will be an exciting team to watch and they have a great core of athletic and versatile players. They didn’t have the best statistics this season; it was really up and down. Joel made a huge impact in his short season and you can see it statistically. They went 8-4 on a 12 game stretch where he averaged 24pts, 9reb, 3ast, 2.5blks, and 1 steal while only averaging 27 minutes. The 76ers offensive and defensive rating took a big hit while Embiid was off the floor. But another player can’t be ignored and that’s Dario Saric. In his last 30 games he averaged 18pts, 7reb, and 3ast while playing 30 minutes. They got the talent can’t wait for them all to play together and build that chemistry and consistency they need. Next year I have them contending for at least the 7th or the 8th seed so look out for them.

·         Joel Embiid(23), Ben Simmons(20), Markelle Fultz(19), Dario Saric(22), Jahlil Okafor(21), T.J. McConnell(24), Nik Stauskas(23)

2.Minnesota Timberwolves


If nobody was jumping on the bandwagon for them now best believe I am (hat and jacket already being shipped to the house).  I’m a huge fan of their young core especially KAT whom I hope will become a top 5 player in the next 5 years the sky is the limit for this guy. They did not finish the season strong like they had hoped to do and make a playoff run but after creating a lot of buzz on Thursday and trading for Jimmy Butler they are definitely a playoff contender now. I’ll give it 2 more years and they will be contending for a championship if not sooner. They did give up a great shooter in Zach Lavine and a playmaker in Kris Dunn but having Jimmy Butler makes up for all that because he brings a lot to the table on both sides of the ball. Plus Andrew Wiggins is balling posting career highs in points and minutes this season. The way I see it Minnesota and the 76ers are on a collision course and I hope they become a rivalry, would definitely love to see Joel Embiid and Karl Anthony Towns go at it on the grandest stage of basketball.

·         Notable Players: Karl Anthony Towns(21), Andrew Wiggins(22), Gorgui Dieng(27), Jimmy Butler(27)

1. Showtime Lakers


I don’t know who can argue but I personally know fans who decided to disown the Lakers since Mumba said he was done on that historic night but a lot has happen. Front office changes and a lot of hopeful young talent with a new coach in Luke Walton who I feel will be a great over time. Magic Johnson came in and has been determined to bring show time back to LA. But anyways let’s look at why this is the top team to bandwagon. First off they just drafted a promising young player in Lonzo Ball who doesn’t only play good himself but makes players around him better. Also they traded away D’Angelo Russell (they should have traded Jordan Clarkson instead) and received Brook Lopez who is a versatile big man that can play defense and spread the floor. Also let’s not forget that Paul George has been very verbal about his desire to play for the Lakers and it’s already being rumored that Lebron wants to either play for the Lakers or the Clippers. LA has over 50 million in cap to play with next year so look out cause show time is coming back fast to go ahead and claim or even reclaim your seat on the Lakers bandwagon before it’s too late.

·         Notable Players: Lonzo Ball(19), Brook Lopez(29), Jordan Clarkson(24), Larry Nance Jr(24), Julius Randle(22)

While there are still living legends in the league right now I can say that the NBA future has never been brighter with more basketball unicorns than I have ever seen in my short time on earth. These teams will definitely make some noise for years to come and honestly I’m excited to see them do it, especially the Timberwolves and the 76ers. So what do you think? Are these 5 teams definitely teams to bandwagon? I want to hear your insight on this list and also comment on this topic on who you think are 5 teams everyone should watch out for. Thank you for reading and please follow and add all of my social media sites for updates on the next topics I will blog about and even tell me what you would like to hear about. Thank you all and continue to BeAFOE.


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